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Why the Organic Way

Just about a 100 years ago while our great grand fathers were still alive, the food they ate, the clothes they wore or the houses they inhabited were all made from 100% natural materials. As the years passed by, the greed of Man to earn a quicker buck corrupted him to research and develop substances which would help him in achieving higher yield in the farms, faster and cheaper coloring of clothes and mass production of industrial goods with scant regard to the harmful effects, these substances would have on the environment. Industrial development was the only objective most of the governments had in their agenda then.

It took several years for him to realize that the these achievements in the economic spheres were counter-productive. The scale of production increased by leaps and bounds. The deadly smoke from the factories made the air unhealthy to inhale. The waste let out from the industrial houses turned the fresh water resources into poisonous and dangerous water bodies. Man started developing new deceases and health issues which were not heard of earlier. The price, he had to pay for this heartless folly was very high. During the last 2 decades he started thinking differently. There came about a great level of awareness to go the Organic way. Organic is hence nothing other than the rebirth of the old ways of living along with the environment and keeping it alive and green.

EXPOKNITS INTERNATIONAL believes that if every person starts thinking that he will eat, wear or live in an organic way, it is not impossible to make this earth another heaven.

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